Government Armageddon!


How does it feel having the most influential government in the world…. shut down? Are we all part of an historical disaster movie? Let’s pinch ourselves, maybe this is a dream because having a government shutdown should only happen if there’s a super freeze-over (‘Day After Tomorrow’) or an alien invasion (‘War of the Worlds’) or something Biblical (‘Armageddon’)!

Or, maybe this is the next Horror Flick featuring the un-dead, or the un-feeling. Who else would let families live without everyday necessities, prevent single parents to go to work because of closed daycare facilities, cause children with cancer not be able to access new medications or treatments because of clinical trials being put on hold or prevent the tracking of potential disease outbreaks and causes. This is only naming a few items, which have all been immobilized due to governmental shutdown, meltdown and games.

We, the people, will not win here, even when the government does get back to work and things get back to normal for the government.  Eventually, the shutdown will be over, and they will get back to business, including printing more money.

However, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when you print more money, every dollar in circulation becomes less valuable. One day you might even wake to realize your money in the bank is worth 50% of what it was worth when it was deposited. I don’t even want it to be worth 10% less. I want it to be worth MORE.  What about you?  Don’t you feel the same?

The only way I know how to do that is to buy Gold and Silver.
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