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Why Purchase Precious Metals


“There will be a time when you won’t be able to obtain gold at any price,” …… Longwave Group, Chief Ian Gordon

After everything is considered, gold is the foundation of our economic system.  Acknowledging that, we begin to realize how absolutely essential it is for any investment portfolio to have gold in it.  Why?  Because gold acts as a hedge against any unforeseen risks within the system.  Gold is insurance in our world of financial investments.
While gold has turned out to have a good return (up over 400% over the last decade), the real return on a gold investment isn’t interests or dividends.  It’s protection!  Protection from what?  From ongoing inflation brought on by governments.  Safety is the return on gold investments.
Can you think of any other risks to protect yourself from?  In addition to inflation, how about the collapse of the U.S. dollar brought on by excessive governmental debt, or war, to name a couple.  These are high risk times and gold is the buffer and, for many investors, a safe haven.
Unfortunately, this knowledge, this awareness is not yet widespread.  So my mission quest, if you will, is to make as many people as possible be aware and to move to precious metals as a solution.
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